Building Music Scribe Kit from sources

MusicScribeKit is a tcl/tk script that depends on a modified version of Kare Sjolander's Snack Toolkit. These modifications were made to improve the presentations of the spectrogram and introduce a few extra features. The source code for these changes are found in the folder called newsnack which comes with tar.gz source distribution. As a convenience, you can also download the modified Snack Package sources from here.

The Snack Package requires the tcl/tk include files which come Tcl/Tk source distribution and they should be in certain places. (See Snack documentation.)

In addition MusicScribeKit calls upon other shared libraries or dll's for performing the time scale modification of the Snack sound structures. You need to build this library (or snackext.dll) after you have compiled the new Snack Package using the software included with the source distribution. For Unix or Linux, I have provided a Makefile; however, you may need to modify it so it points to the right locations of the Tcl/Tk sources and X11 include files on your system.

I have compiled the libraries on both Fedora Linux and Windows (Visual C++ 6.0), but I do not have experience on other systems.

Assuming you can create these libraries and scribe.tcl is able to find these libraries, you are ready to use musicscribekit. (On Unix, you may need to set the environment variable TCLLIBPATH to the folder where libsnackstub is found.) The snackext library is placed in the same folder with scribe.tcl.

Creation of an executable for Windows:

The windows executable was created using the starkit wrapping mechanism. The scribe.vfs/lib folder was composed of two folders, the app-scribe folder containing scribe.tcl and scribext.dll, and the snack2.2 folder which contained libsnack.dll, libsound.dll, snack.tcl and snackstub22.lib. It is also necessary to edit scribe.tcl in order to set the flag starkitversion to 1 instead of 0 and to remove the comment (#) on the first line of the file.